Bardonecchia and Sestriere

Bardonecchia the pearl of the alps beautiful in winter, wonderful in summer. Contact us Sestriere Sestriere is one of the most famous winter sports and summer holiday resorts in the entire Alpine arc; it is located at 2035 m, on the hill that connects the Upper Susa Valley and the Chisone Valleys , at the foot of Monte Sises , surrounded by […]

Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley the chicest ski resorts an hour away from you Contact us Visit medieval castles The castles in Valle d’Aosta are particularly numerous and important. Giuseppe Giacosa counts 72 (including castles , fortified houses and dungeons ) along the main valley, without counting the smaller valleys.Historically castles have undergone an evolution. At the beginning […]

Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffle Savor the exquisite flavor of Alba’s prized white truffle Contact us Savor aroma of Alba’s prized white truffle Some species of truffles constitute an extremely valuable, sought-after and expensive food essence; other species are instead considered of little value, the white truffle of alba is the most prized truffle in the world […]

Genova’s aquarium

Genova’s aquarium Dive into a world of wonder in the breathtaking aquarium Contact us The Aquarium The 2.5-hour journey includes 39 tanks in addition to the 4 open-air ones of the Cetacean Pavilion inaugurated in the summer of 2013. The total area of ​​the structure is 27,000 square metres. The tanks house around 15,000 animals of […]

Cinque Terre

The villages of the Cinque Terre The Cinque Terre are not just nature, sun and beaches Contact us The Cinque Terre The Cinque Terre are ancient fishing villages located along the rugged Italian coast. Each of these villages is characterized by colorful houses and vineyards clinging to the steep terraces created on the coast. The ports are […]


Stresa and Borromee Islands In the fifteenth century the small village previously inhabited by fishermen, it first became a fief of the Visconti families and, subsequently, it was conquered by the Borromeos. Since the nineteenth century, the town was chosen as a stopover for their Grand Tour by numerous intellectuals, including Lord Byron, Stendhal and […]


Milan the capital of fashion shop where everything is fashion and style Contact us Via Montenapoleone Via Monte Napoleone is a street in the center of Milan, considered one of the most luxurious areas of the city and one of the major shopping centers for prêt-à-porter. Via Monte Napoleone in 2019 was the third most […]


Langhe and Barolo A tour in the Langa, land of Barolo and the white truffle of Alba Contact us the most beautiful hills in the world A journey, the one in the Wine Hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, which could become a real ritual pilgrimage to be made every year and with every season. […]


123-456-7890 Turin the first capital of Italy Taste the chocolate of the master confectioners while visiting the Egyptian museum Contact us The Gianduiotto A special tour to discover Turin and its link with chocolate. Turin is in fact known as the Italian city of chocolate. The long history between Turin and chocolate began in 1560 […]

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